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How to Create an Effective Hyper Converged Strategy

How to Create an Effective Hyper Converged Strategy


When creating an effective hyper converged strategy, there are five key decision attributes that you need to consider: simplicity, prescriptive, flexibility, selectivity, and economic.

An important factor to consider when developing your hyper converged strategy is Simplicity. While it seems so obvious but simplicity in execution is rather difficult. To be simple is not merely to be configured simply, or to be operationally simple. Simple suggests a full life cycle, including transparent software management enhancements; automated diagnosis and repair; click-and-run provisioning; and one-stop maintenance. So, the less overhead in the abstraction layers, the better.

The foundational layer of any infrastructure is trust. The prescriptive approach focuses on meticulous component selection, integration and tuning. The key is achieving predictable performance and availability, with an ability to handle almost anything you can throw at it, by means of carefully engineered design.

Let’s not forget about flexibility, a critical attribute of hyper converged systems. Flexibility is the key to a great user experience. Businesses demand a more flexible stack that allows them to match the velocity of their organisational needs to stay ahead of their competitors.

Selectivity as a characteristic may even conflict with simplicity, requiring the IT-business planning and review committee to make trade-offs as part of short-term and longer-term goals. During your evaluation of hyperconverged infrastructure systems, the ability to seamlessly adapt a new platform into your existing tools and workflows reduces both up front configuration as well as long term integration and operations.

Additionally, the economic aspect of implementing any solution can be a concern for financial managers and the procurement department. NetApp offers cost effective and secure infrastructures that suit your requirements.

Creating a compelling strategic hyper converged infrastructure is made easy with NetApp. NetApp HCI delivers guaranteed performance, increased agility and easy automation. It empowers its users to perform at their highest level and soar across the organisation.

Our experts help formulate the best hyper converged infrastructure strategy that is right for you, so that you can respond rapidly to your business demands.

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NetApp HCI Use Cases

Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud

Accelerate self-service and private cloud infrastructure deployments with hyper converged infrastructure.

Web Infrastructure

Web Infrastructure

Leverage NetApp HCI to gain best in class scalability and automation for demanding web apps.

Workload Consolidation

Workload Consolidation

Get guaranteed performance from a single hyper converged infrastructure solution running multiple applications.