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How NetApp HCI thrives in an agile/complex IT environment

How NetApp HCI Thrives in a Complex IT Environment


Today’s IT infrastructure solutions can often be complex and difficult to deploy meaning those responsible for sourcing infrastructure for their businesses are swaying towards the systems that are not only more user friendly but are also provided by reputable vendors who have a strong track record for support. Finding the right solution for your businesses is made simple with NetApp HCI.

NetApp HCI can transform and empower your business to enable you to move faster, drive operational efficiency and reduces costs. The solution has the added advantage of running multiple applications with the predictable performance that your business and customers expect and demand. It deploys in minutes, eradicating the need for complex management of traditional three-tier architectures.

A major challenge that IT managers often face is to automate all routine tasks and eradicate risks of user errors, related with manual operations. There is an increased pressure for IT departments to harness new value across the entire organisation, with limited time, skills and financial resources.

Integration into the NetApp Data Fabric means that your business can unleash the full potential of your applications across any infrastructure or cloud. NetApp HCI has a flexible architecture that lets you leverage your existing virtualisation infrastructure, licences and external compute to lower acquisition costs and repurpose existing operations.

NetApp is the data authority for hybrid cloud, providing a full range of hybrid cloud data services that simplify the management of your applications and data across cloud to enable digital transformation.

NetApp HCI has been named an Evolutionary Disruptor by Gartner, to find out more, download the report:

Take the pain out of deployment

NetApp HCI streamlines and consolidates the infrastructure deployment process. It refines all installation and management processes, making NetApp HCI easy to set up and configure.

You won’t need a team of IT experts to deploy NetApp HCI. Let us demonstrate how...

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NetApp HCI Use Cases

Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud

Accelerate self-service and private cloud infrastructure deployments with hyper converged infrastructure.

Web Infrastructure

Web Infrastructure

Leverage NetApp HCI to gain best in class scalability and automation for demanding web apps.

Workload Consolidation

Workload Consolidation

Get guaranteed performance from a single hyper converged infrastructure solution running multiple applications.