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Automate Workflows Like Never Before with NetApp HCI

Automate Workflows Like Never Before with NetApp HCI


“Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability” stated Dutch computer scientist, Edsger Dijkstra.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) technology has worked for smaller scale projects, however there were always limitations on scaling up and handling mixed workloads, enhancing automation and enabling additional configuration flexibility.

Now unlike past generations of HCI, NetApp’s version scales storage and compute independently (and without caveats), which helps you eliminate over-provisioning and simplifies capacity and performance planning.

Among the key values of NetApp HCI is its automation capability, which frees up your IT staff to work on innovation and eliminate any risk of user error when implementing and managing IT infrastructure. By simplifying and automating your IT management through NetApp’s HCI platform, you can cut operational costs by up to 67%.

You can completely orchestrate and manage NetApp HCI by using a single Application Program Interface (API). So, no matter what you want to do, you can use API calls to manage and automate just about everything.

One of the important aspects of  NetApp HCI is the setup and maintenance procedure. You can install NetApp HCI and configure it within hours, which ensures that you are leveraging and using your new resources quickly.

Additionally, NetApp HCI is created in a way which allows its platform to scale beyond 8 node configurations, while scaling compute and storage resources independently. “You can scale up to 100 node systems, and you can choose how you scale” stated John Rollason, senior director at NetApp. “So, if you wish to begin with a 4-8 node system that is half and half compute and storage, you can do that. Then you can add storage nodes, or if you decide you need more compute, then you can add more compute nodes.”

Essentially, you can mix and match storage and compute configurations of any size, which presents your business with the ability to flexibly scale up or down. So, if performance, guaranteed quality of service, and scalability are amongst your key criteria when selecting a Hyperconverged Infrastructure, then NetApp HCI should be at the top of your list.

Learn how to effectively design and implement multiple application workloads on NetApp HCI today:

Take the pain out of deployment

NetApp HCI streamlines and consolidates the infrastructure deployment process. It refines all installation and management processes, making NetApp HCI easy to set up and configure.

You won’t need a team of IT experts to deploy NetApp HCI. Let us demonstrate how...

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NetApp HCI Use Cases

Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud

Accelerate self-service and private cloud infrastructure deployments with hyper converged infrastructure.

Web Infrastructure

Web Infrastructure

Leverage NetApp HCI to gain best in class scalability and automation for demanding web apps.

Workload Consolidation

Workload Consolidation

Get guaranteed performance from a single hyper converged infrastructure solution running multiple applications.